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Mastering Digital Sales

Mastering Digital Sales

Mastering Digital Sales

Publisher Marcus Kegler
Course Length 35 mins
Course Language English
How to Use a Digital Platform to Market your Creation
This  course is designed to teach Digital Product Creation and Plugin management best practices. For optimal  online visibility.
★★★★★ "I now have my two sites up and running. Thank you, Daragh for your effective courses!" - Rea Vincent
★★★★★ "I took this course in order to start a youtube channel and I posted my first video today! " - Ilona Schop
Note: All lessons are accessible after purchase.
What is the best way to use a Digital Product in 2019?
A  flagship course is best for leaders who want to produce a definitive  and often high ticket resource for their audience. Flagship courses are  typically bundled with bonuses like other courses (SEO in 2019) and extra services (ClandestineBrain a website with a mail Report lesson 2!). They can have multiple price points and comprehensive brands all to themselves. These references are both included with purchase!
Students for this course have likely seen other, smaller knowledge products  (e.g. mini-courses, ebooks, blog posts, podcasts) and are committing to a  larger, more intense educational experience because they trust the  expertise from the preview thereafter and are looking for a transformation in their organization.
Other reasons why you might take  course:
  • You want to become the go-to expert in your field
  • You want to run a certification program that requires a lot of dedication on the student's part
  • You run a longer evergreen or timely program and drip content over time
  • Your subject of promo demands a large, in-depth course to cover it properly
  • You're ready to turn your other knowledge products into a well known valuable knowledge product

Learn more about creating a platform » clandestinebrain

What is included in this Course?

Selling Digital Products is split up into 4 sections focusing on:
• Copy writing
• Website design
• Sales
• Content creation and marketing
• Coding
• Social media marketing
• Product creation

A description of the included chapters and lessons:
  • This "Digital Products" course is  meant for small business owners and bloggers.
  • No technical or HTML coding knowledge is required.
Lets Begin!!!
Welcome to the course! - Chapter - Chapters contain lessons and are sometimes called modules or sections. 
How to use this course  - Video Lessons - This video was made by the Clandestine team to help  get acquainted with the course learning environment. This video is  unbranded and teaches students how to successfully use the Course Player.
A message from the instructor  - Video Lesson - This lesson is a placeholder for a short video, the  instructor will leave a short (< 2 min) message here thanking the  student for enrolling in the course and/or previewing upcoming content  to build excitement.
Before we begin...  - Each chapter in this course will contain three lessons that help a  student accomplish a major milestone. A milestone is a clear and  measurable achievement students hit along the way, ultimately achieving  course completion.
Accomplishing the milestone per chapter will involve:
  • Why someone should accomplish a milestone (a problem, its consequences, and the benefit of fixing it)
  • What they need to accomplish a milestone (the prerequisite knowledge/skills/tools for solving a problem)
  • How to accomplish a milestone (a demonstration of solving a problem)
High-level lesson  - Video Lesson 1 - In this lesson, explaining how to achieve Perfect  SEO across the webpage (1-12) tasks and within multimedia uploads. The why as well as the what behind reaching the next milestone. 
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Enroll Now, see you on the other side!!                     
Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Aspiring Product Owners

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