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English WORKout

English WORKout

Publisher Yulia Loboda
Course Length 1 hour
Course Language English
This intensive, highly practical course is designed for those who feel the need to use English at work or for business.

Our major objective is to enhance your language skills ( speaking, writing, listening and reading) as well as your soft skills, such as effective spoken and written communication, presentation, speed-reading, project planning, etc. Combined with your professional expertise, these skills will boost your career opportunities significantly.

The approach that we use in the course is called Task-Based Learning, which means you learn through doing true to life tasks that you are probably already doing in your native language.

The course covers 8 units, each featuring a video from the instructor, a reading/ listening + vocabulary task and a practical part in which you’ll have to produce some language.

We haven’t included any grammar exercises on purpose, because we want to focus on achieving practical aims rather than mistake correction. However, in some units we offer links to materials for self-study on some language phenomena.

Join and have your brain muscles work for you!
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for those who want to use English at work and for business and achieve more with its help.

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