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SEO For Beginners - Niche Site SEO - Wordpress SEO Course

SEO For Beginners - Niche Site SEO - Wordpress SEO Course - Udemy coupon 100% Off

Niche Site SEO - Wordpress SEO Course

SEO Wordpress Niche Site Course - Google Page One is the goal for any kind of business, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can't be left to chance.

This Niche Site SEO course teaches on-page SEO tips and techniques for complete beginners and shows in great detail how to build a Wordpress site with 3000 word posts perfectly optimized for Google search engine marketing - but fast!

This SEO course is FREE and is basically an SEO case study. Tired of listening to (and paying for) SEO advice from the 'experts', Jim Bruce ranked a new Wordpress site on Google page 1 in 3 months using no back-links. Check it out. The course also shows how to create masses of unique content quickly and easily.

All of the finding are based on a real-life case study and everything is revealed. You will learn how to duplicate the strategy that gave me these results:

my website hit the first page of Google search within 3 months of creation
keyword volume was 600 searches per month
only FREE tools used
total cost of the niche site Wordpress SEO Case Study? Just 7 dollars!

Following the instructions step by step, you will learn how to:
research and generate laser-targeted keywords for your posts for huge SEO impact
discover and integrate LSI (Latent Symantic Indexing) search terms into your SEO rich posts
install Wordpress using cPanel
install bullet-proof Wordpress site security (hacking is becoming a big problem!)
install a FREE SSL certificate (fast becoming a Google requirement)
install the right WP plugins for security, SEO, page load speed and more
apply a complete blueprint for perfect on-page SEO
create unique posts with 3000 words of rich content - fast! (Special technique)
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