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Build A (Profitable) Shopify Store In An Hour!

Build A (Profitable) Shopify Store In An Hour!

Build A (Profitable) Shopify Store In An Hour!

Publisher Michael Naus
Course Language English
Follow along as course instructor Mike Naus guides you through the entire Shopify experience that will help you build your very OWN e-commerce store in as little as an hour!

This course is a mini case study to help guide YOU through the entire process to get a site up and running with Shopify. It includes:

  • A walkthrough of the Shopify dashboard
  • How to select and upload products QUICKLY to your store
  • How to change your store’s theme and make it look and feel inviting for your customers
  • Which apps you need to add as a baseline for store functionality
  • And more!

As a beginner the toughest thing to do is to simply get started. With this hands-on course you will be guided exactly where to go and what you need to add to get a store built quickly.

Use your very own Shopify store to help your business grow, make more passive income, and free more of your time!

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