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Introduction to Turkish - Turkish For Beginners

Introduction to Turkish - Turkish For Beginners

Introduction to Turkish - Turkish For Beginners

Publisher Gokberk Talu
Price $64
Course Language English
Introduction to Turkish is a Zero-Beginner Friendly Course for learning Turkish. It is possible for you to start speaking Turkish right after you finish this course.

What is a Zero-Beginner Course?
A zero-beginner course is a course specifically made for complete beginners who don't know anything about the topic; in this case, Turkish. This course was hand-made from scratch by me, a professional Turkish teacher. Everything you need, including the learning order of the topics, example sentences and recordings are ideal for zero-beginner learners of Turkish.

Why is this course different than others?
This course was made by a professional Native Turkish teacher who is also a professional English teacher. If you've searched for any other Turkish courses on Udemy, you would have seen courses made by non-Turkish instructors who are probably not real teachers.
I'm a professional teacher with 10+ years of teaching experience. I still teach online one-on-one lessons and I have taught more than 600+ hours of lesson to learners from around the world. I can guarantee that everything you'll learn from this course is legitimate, up-to-date and jargon-free (using the least amount of jargon).

What will I learn from this Turkish course?
Here is the list of topics you will learn from this video course:
  1. The Turkish Alphabet
  2. Vowels & Consonants
  3. Vowel Harmony
  4. Consonant Assimilation
  5. Word Stress
  6. Cardinal Numbers
  7. Ordinal Numbers
  8. The Present (To Be) Marker
  9. The Past (To Be) Marker
  10. The Genitive & Possessive
  11. Existential Words
  12. Verbs.
  13. Present Continuous Tense.
  14. Case Markers.
  15. Question Words.
  16. Infinitives.
  17. Spatial Post-positions
  18. Past Tense
  19. Adjectives
  20. Adverbs
  21. Comparatives & Superlatives
  22. Future Tense
  23. Future Tense – Supposed To
  24. Evidential Past
  25. Aorist Tense
  26. The Obligation Mood
  27. The Imperative & Optative
  28. The Potential Mood
  29. Word Order Variations
  30. Conjunctions

Do you provide a course booklet with the video course?
Yes, you can download and use the 72-page course booklet for this video course to use together with the video lectures. I also give you a 50+ page Exercises Booklet and two other exercise booklets for Speaking and Writing Exercises.

Do you have exercises to go with this course?
Yes, there are more than 100 exercises consisting of Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Shadowing exercises. You will download an Exercise Booklet which you can carry on with you to do these exercises. Once you purchase this course, please read the "Please Read Before You Start" text after the first video for more information. I explain everything that you need to do, to have the best experience doing the exercises.

Isn't this course the same as your "Turkish Grammar Fundamentals" course?
No, this course is a "zero-beginner friendly" course. "Turkish Grammar Fundamentals" is a general course not particularly aimed at beginners. This course is also a premium video course. The quality of the content is not the same as my earlier course. Everything was designed for complete beginners who have little to no knowledge of Turkish. There is no Beginner Turkish course on Udemy like this one, I can guarantee you that.

I have a question about the Turkish language, can you help me?
Of course! Please read the "Please Read Before You Start" text that I have after the "Before You Start" video to learn more about how you can get assistance from me.
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