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Microsoft Excel for Construction Management

Microsoft Excel for Construction Management

Microsoft Excel for Construction Management

Publisher James Gedney-Higham
Price $199
Course Language English
Learn Microsoft Excel and begin your journey to mastering undoubtedly the most used computer software in construction!
This the only course on Udemy (and possibly the internet) teaching Excel for construction management. If you are new to Microsoft Excel or simply want to brush up on your skills this course is for you.

With over 120 lectures and downloadable spread sheets designed specifically for the construction industry this course will teach you Microsoft Excel directly applicable in your daily work, in what ever part of construction management you work in.

1. From Zero To Hero: Starting off with the basics and building up your skills, by the end of the course you will be able to;  apply Excel's advanced tools such as Pivot Tables,  utilise advanced formulas such as VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH, and deploy Excel's wide range of visuals including charts.
2. Get Hands On: This course focuses on you getting hands on with Excel and enhancing what you learn through exercises and Quiz's.
3. Designed for the Construction Industry: Learning Excel on spreadsheets specifically designed for this course to represent the Excel spreadsheets that you will use day to day in your role.
4. Support for Every Step: Learning is a journey and with this course we will be with you every step of the way through Udemy's Q&A platform.

In this course we cover a wide range of topics, including:
  • Learning how to use the Excel programme efficiently.
  • Maximise your productivity with Quick Keys.
  • Learn how to create and enter formulas in Excel with detailed walk through's.
  • Enhance your spread sheets by learning Excels Formatting Tools, including Conditional Formatting.
  • Optimise your spreadsheets for Printing.
  • Organise your data with Excel comprehensive suit of commands, such as Tables and Data Validation.
  • Manage Text data using Functions.
  • Amaze your boss and colleagues by deploying Advanced Date and Time Functions.
  • Take advantage of Excels most sort after functions such as the VLOOKUP.
  • Analyse your data using Pivot Tables and all of Excels available data analytic commands.
  • Reinforce your Excel spreadsheet by utilising Excel's wide range of Visuals and Charts.
Purchasing this course you will get life time access to over 120 lectures and downloadable spreadsheets.

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