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Deep Dive Tarot: The Fool

Deep Dive Tarot: The Fool

A Simple & Easy ways to learn the Wisdoms of the Fool – Free Course
Deep Dive Tarot: The Fool

What you’ll learn

  • Deeper Look at the Major Arcana Card the Fool
  • 10 Symbols found in the Fool Card
  • Learn a Simple Tarot Card Meditation


  • Basic Undersanding Of Tarot
  • Looking to learn more layers found in the Fool Card in Tarot
  • Intrest in Tarot Readings


Join Joey Wargachuk as he dives deep into the meanings of the Fool in tarot as we explore the symbolism and importance of the Fool Card in the major arcane and different meanings based on types of readings and the neurological significance of ZERO!
  • In this Course we will Cover:
  • Basic meaning of the Fool
  • Weight of a Major Arcana Card
  • A Look at 10 Symbols in the Fool Card
  • A Look at the Fool in Other Decks
  • A Quick and Easy Tarot Meditation with the Fool
  • 3 Examples of how the fool can work in different positions
This Workshop has a Digital Copy of a Handout and the Power Point Presentation
Author(s): Joey Wargachuk

                                       Source: Udemy.com                                               FREE FOR LIMITED TIME

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