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BitcoinClassic | ReMine the amount of Team coins, unused coins

Hi everyone!
This's an important notice we send. The major issues caused us to speed up the 3rd SWAP(last SWAP) earlier than expected, also the SWAP that helps transfer the project to the management community.

What does this have to do with supply?
As you know, 84% premined coins are planned to build the project, included: Investor, Ecosystem & Foundation, Mining Reward, Operating costs, Marketing, Partnerships, Advisors, ... but the amount of coins used a small portion (30%-40%).
One more thing, the future of BitcoinClassic project is fully governed by the community, so the allocation to the team is unreasonable.
Solution: All this BitcoinClassic amount will be devoted to Mining. Yes, miner. POW will be back.

What will the supply look like?
Old and New allocation for latest blockchain of BitcoinClassic on the below.

*In new allocations, all is mining.

When does it take effect?
After the final session of bounty, marketing takes place in May and June. Unused coins will be summed up, frozen in preparation for the final swap. Expected to take place in late 2020, early 2021 on the new Chain. Swap is done entirely at the Exchanges.

What effect does this have on the Holder, Old Investor and the People?
No, nothing will change. The reduced supply makes BitcoinClassic more rare, harder to take. You have to trade more to get it or join Mining(POW), it will be a race.

Nobody holds too much, nobody manipulates the market, it's a game, a payment method, a currency, transparency to survive.

Announcement effective date: May 8, 2020

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